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Ryo Fujimura composed the theme song for the PSP game Miyako.
Publishing date: 27.11.2010
Song Title: KUON

Project Goulart Knight

Ryo Fujimura took part, as a guitarist, in the album Signal, by the groupe G-Addict (vocal actors in the anime Goulart Knights). This album was released in 2009, December, by the publication company Lantis.

Ryo Fujimura was featured on the TV-show "101%" on Nolife-TV (France)

Ryo Fujimura lately started a collaboration with the Japanese brand BIGBLACKMARIA, providing jewels and accessories. Let's check BIGBLACKMARIA's official website HERE!

New Release:

Ryo's second maxi single, Concrete 0.2,
will be released in Europe on 1st of February. 

- HATATAGAMI (with Vocals)
- Sweet Revenge
- Syunshoikkoku
- Solitary Flight

Presales on the Online Store

Agenda Concerts:

  • 01 Feb. 2009 - 18:30: 

Ryo Fujimura in Verviers (Belgium) - 
Spirit of 66
16, place des Martyrs
4800 Verviers
Tickets here/ici

Tickets FNAC

  • 4th.Feb.09 : Concert in France - Nancy - Barsi Barla - 20:00

  • 07.Feb. 2009 - 20:00:

Ryo Fujimura in Tournai (Belgium) - 
Le First
34, Quai des Vicinaux,
7500 Tournai
Tickets here/ici



  • 8th.Feb.09: Paris - Paris Manga - Espace Champeret
  • 13th.Feb.09: Greece - Athens - Underworld Genesis Club - with Le Ciel assocation
  • 21st. Feb.08: Marseille - Chibi Japan Expo Sud
  • 27th Feb.09: France - Montpellier - SECRET PLACE - Zone Industrielle de la Lauze - 25 rue Saint-Exupéry


The first Maxi Single, "Concrete 0.1", is available from October 31st. You can purchase that CD on Râmen's online store.


2.Frame Out






European Tour - April 2009

- 13th April: Polymanga (Lausanne-Switzerland)
- 17th April: Fête de l'Animation (Lille-France)
- 18th April: Kitacon (Northampton-UK)
- 19th April: Péniche Fulmar (Brussels-Belgium)
- 02nd May: Japan Sun (Montpellier-France)
- 09th May: Chibi Chibi Convention (Mouscron-Belgium)
- 10th May: Café de Paris (Paris-France)

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