Ryo Fujimura Official

Ryo Fujimura, leader, songwriter, composer and guitarist in the former Japanese band AciD FLavoR, develops at the same time his solo project.

When it comes to Concretes, Ryo Fujimura starts to explain... Concrete is the key of his musical universe, of his sound room, a mix between all the genres, the beginning of all the projects.  "Concretes" are  all the concentrated musical knowledges of Ryo Fujimura.


Someone slipping into my sound room,
Me pressing Play for my brand-new demo songs.
A company wanting to listen to samples,
Me sending my brand-new demo songs.
'Concrete' is the key to my sound room
Anytime, anywhere, anyone,
Slipping into my room.'
- Ryo

Photo Dominique D.


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